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Saturday filming at Carbon

The objective by filming this Saturday is to try to capture the perfect evening at Carbon, capturing the enjoyment of the 3 guests (extras), while focusing on the food. Minimal directing will be done to ensure authenticity and enjoyment. There is going to be 1 must-have scene on each serving and a quick sweep of each dish will be filmed before the extras start eating. Other than that there will be no instructions. Other guests will be filmed, but the main focus will be on the extras.


A lamp will be set up in the lounge for filming the snack segment, I am going to ensure that it's not in the way.


The first three servings must be on to the specified times, as the restaurant is fully booked.


Instructions for the Extras:

No allergies; one vegetarian

Wear neutral clothing without stripes

Arrive a few minutes before 17:00


Menu: 5 Courses - All dishes from each serving





17:00 - Tables 4-5: Extras look at menus, order pre-dinner drinks, interact with the waiter, laugh, and sip on cocktails (max 10 minutes)

Must-have scene: Guests laughing together and clinking glasses


17:15 - Tables 4-5: First serving



Grilled cucumber, shio koji marinated tapioca, mustard leaves 

Lumpfish roe, potatoes, yuzu & browned butter cream

Lamb tartare, feta, olives, crispy bread, gomadaré


Must-have scene: Vegetarian guest closes their eyes, takes a bite, then opens their eyes and looks straight into the camera with a smile


Wine package served at 17:15, food served at 17:20


17:45 - Tables 4-5: Second serving



White asparagus & leek terrine, kombu cooked canola seeds, asparagus vinaigrette

BBQ blue mussels, escabeche, sourdough

24-month cured Swedish ham, mozzarella, grilled grapes, oregano


Must-have scene: A shot of the guests interacting with each other, with the camera capturing their animated conversation and laughter as they enjoy the second course.

Wine package served at 17:45, food served at 17:50


18:15 - Table 8: Third serving



Artichoke, tsuru miso, green almonds 

Grilled langoustine, green apple & wasabi dressing, garlic bread

Pan-fried grouse, broccoli sprouts, yam croquettes, parmesan foam


Must-have scene: A tight shot of a guest's hand holding a fork as they cut into the grilled langoustine, with a focus on the intricate details and textures of the dish


Alcohol-free package served at 18:15, food served at 18:20

19:00 - Lounge: Snacks, champagne, drinks, filming, and photos with lamp. Here there will be a couple of more must have scenes due to the lamp. 

Must-have scene 1: A close-up of a guest swirling a glass of wine, showcasing the lamp's reflection in the liquid before taking a sip


Must-have scene 2: A guest holding a cocktail, with a tight focus on the glass and ice, as they take a sip and the camera slowly pulls back to reveal their relaxed expression


Must-have scene 3: A slow-motion shot of a guest biting into a snack held in their hand, with the lamp casting a warm glow on the food


Must-have scene 4: A guest holding a glass of champagne, with the camera panning from the bubbles to their eyes as they engage in conversation with another guest


Must-have scene 5: A tight shot of a guest's hand holding a drink, with the camera following the motion as they bring the glass to their lips  and drink.



20:00 (approx.) - Fourth serving at the first available table



Nettles and chestnut dumplings, sauteed morels, ramson (vegetarian)

Grilled seabass, saffron potato purée, habanada chillies escalivada

Beef short rib, adobo, oca purée


Must-have scene: A shot of the guests interacting with each other, with the camera capturing their laughter and enjoyment of the meal


Wine package


21:00 - Fifth serving



Cantaloupe melon, almond cake, olive oil, thyme (vegetarian)

Rhubarb strudel, hazelnut crumb, frozen sour cream

Havgus cheesecake, feijoa

Must-have scene: Guests A slow-motion shot of a guest lifting a spoonful of the frozen sour cream on the rhubarb strudel

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